Wednesday, 03 May 2017

Art Works March 2017

I have a few new sketches in pastel. It has been an art journaling process.

There was no pre-conceived method, I just let the pencil "dance" on the page
to the rhythm of the music, giving contrast when needed. To some I drew blind that
is with eyes closed. I concentrated on line, texture, colour and shapes
All were done to the same song "Black Night" live version of Deep Purple.

I will use the images in overlaying technique in various future art works.

My new web site has been revised. Take a look. Comments welcome.


Arlene Rabinowitz

Wednesday, 08 June 2016

Visual Music Set 51

The following images were drawn to Deep Purple's "Green onions/Hush and Black night" live versions.

I see and hear shapes from the music and these are translated on the page real time. 
There was no pre conceived idea of what the image will look like. I began drawing 
from left to right. An exhilarating experience both mentally and visually. 
The instrumental sounds surround the cube shapes and there was no pausing 
while drawing them.

There is also a section, in colour where I drew "blind" this was towards the end of 
making the image. The spaces were expressed through the point where instrumental 
music was played. There was factors of proximity and distance, convergence, 
progression and regression which were influenced by the sound, and depicted in 
colour, direction and overlaps. All lines, spaces, colours and volumes interact to 
set up space tensions.

There was also sensitivity to the pressure of the pencil on the medium, soft or hard, and in all direction overlapping lines.

I worked with layers in colours, listening to the same song a few times until the layers were completed.

Arlene Rabinowitz

Pastel on paper
©Arlene Rabinowitz

Monday, 18 April 2016

Blue Vibes

Blue Vibes

This is one of the many visual music abstract art works I have done to Deep Purple’s piece-“Green Onions-Hush”. Deep- Purple being my favorite band has exceptional musicianship and never fails to excite me. Drawing to their music is a great joy, it enriches textures and brings rhythm into the works.

In this work there is a play between blues, reds purple and yellows, bravery, loving kindness and beauty. As always the piece was drawn real time to the music.

Blue Vibes
Pastel on paper

Wednesday, 09 December 2015

Shooting Star

My Latest art video.
Shooting Star
Way back I had a day dream of a man’s tear drop falling to earth in a shape of shooting star.
I was overcome by sadness and profound yearning. The connection materialized, exceeding boundaries. The process began with drawings in linear form in pastels on scroll format. Bearing in mind the emotive responses felt during the dream.
The art was drawn to D.J Aphrodite’s song titled “Woman that Rolls” from the album Aphrodite 1999. A befitting sensual beat for the piece.
The video was however, at a later stage assembled using various still shots of the art work to the music of Demma K. Music: “Os Sons do Inconsciente” from the album “Entre Cores e Sons” published by Demma K 2007.

©Arlene Rabinowitz

Monday, 07 September 2015

Rapture - Special merit award

The painting was made entirely after the song "Rapture of the Deep" by Deep Purple band.
That is drawing real time to the music rhythm and beats.

The theme does not relate to the lyrics. This is my own interpretation of the song.
I used the theme of dance to portray rapture, the passion felt between two dancers using vibrant colours that symbolically convey their love for each other.

This art work was included in the 5th Annual Open art Exhibition, Light Space and Time on line
Gallery, Special merit category, ” Aug 2015

                                             63x68 cm
                                             Pastel on paper



Sunday, 23 August 2015

Graphite Sketch

Graphite mark making art done to Deep Purple's Highway Star. Using different pressures of the pencil on the media with accordance to the sound that completely shaped this piece.

                                 40x24 cm
                                 Pastel on paper

Monday, 20 July 2015

Set 49

I have not yet decided to title the works I am working on, these are works in progress for a short video. But works are surrounded around the theme of trees and what they mean to me.
I used drawings to real time music (Jazz Mezzo Forte), real time and superimposed these to reference photographs from my library. These are comprised of different textures, dots and depict the shape of the lines done from the sounds of the music.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Synaesthesia and Visual Arts

Two of my latest works exhibited
16-19th May 2015 Al Cala La Real Spain

These are the results from drawings of plants and leaves superimposed and layered
with other drawings and photographs of fire, depicting my passion for Trees and plant life.

 Spiritual Light
Mixed Media, Visual music abstract art
40 cm x 28.22 cm

Light and Space
Mixed Media, visual music abstract art
40cm x 28.22 cm

This is a section from the catalogue on synaesthesia

The art I make is directed towards the sense of hearing/ sound synaesthesia. I present the art I make via the sense of the lyrical aspect that transports the sense to the visual one. One can say, I see an image of the music heard and often the image may be a moving one. Sight is that enables me to hear sound through the artwork. The sense of sight carries with it the sense of hearing. The drawings, partly realistic part abstract, carry with them the inner voice, the hidden. My drawings are mostly a result of an intuitive reaction to the music and are done in real time to the sound. My experience of listening to sound is that I see corresponding colours, shapes, textures line and form. Each colour represents a physical attribute as well as an emotional one, which I meditate upon during the drawing process. Loudness and tempo also play a role in how I perceive sound. I am also able to see colours and shapes from hearing sounds such as bird calls and animal sounds and being in close proximity to nature. The sounds evoke smells, tastes and sensations of touch. The process has many transformations from an image to sound and each new image is created from its predecessor. Synaesthesia is an inner world where shapes appear to have sound and smells have tastes.


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